Large Animal Veterinary Services

At Palmer Veterinary Clinic, our team of veterinarians and fleet of trucks will bring their knowledge, skill, and medicine directly to your farm or stable.

Routine Herd Health

brown and white cows

Managing a herd is a full time job, and we are here to help. Our goal is to keep your herd healthy through regular herd checks that keep your farm running smoothly. Our veterinarians and staff will work with you to tailor a herd health plan that suits your needs and meets your production goals. Preventative herd health services include:

  • Vaccination Protocols
  • Reproduction and Fertility Work
  • Calf Wellness
  • Fresh Cow Wellness
  • Selective Dry Cow Treatment Protocols
  • Milk Cultures
  • Outbreak Investigation
  • NYSCHAP/ NYSSGHAP Coordination

Surgical Services

brown and white calf

Our surgical services for livestock animals are done in the field when possible. Smaller livestock animals can be brought to the clinic for care if needed. Our surgical procedures include but are not limited to:

  • Cesarean Section and Calving
  • Displaced Abomasum (Left, Right, and Toggle)
  • Castration
  • Dehorning
  • Broncheoalveolar Lavage

Reproduction and Fertility Work

brown horse with foal

Reproduction and fertility work are a vital part of any plan implemented for your herd. Our portable ultrasound units allow our veterinarians to identify ovarian structures, detect pregnancies early, determine fetal sex orientation, identify twins, and diagnose reproductive abnormalities.

Diagnostics Laboratory

veterinary surgery

Our in house Diagnostic Laboratory offers quick and accurate results for any recommended testing. Anything that we cannot do in house we have multiple laboratories that we work with where we can send samples to get results. The use of these other laboratories allow us to have a much wider array of diagnostics for your livestock

DropShip Program

We offer a drop ship program to send medicines and supplies directly to your farm or stable at competitive prices. If you would like to place an order or have questions about products, pricing, and availability, please call us at 518-561-1893, ext.3, by email at, or by filling out the following form:

Why Choose to Autoship?
  • Automatically re-order your favorite products on your schedule.
  • Easily change the products or shipping date for your upcoming Scheduled Orders.
  • Pause or cancel any time.